For Those Who Wonder

For Those Who Wonder BookWelcome to the “For Those Who Wonder” site created by Jeff Burton, author of For Those Who Wonder.

The objective of the book and this site is to help Latter-day Saints better manage testimony and doubting issues.

We invite readers and contributors to share their questions and experiences with us in the spirit of helpfulness and good taste. Please send an email to Jeff at:

Over the past ten years Jeff Burton has authored a series of Sunstone magazine articles, “Braving the Borderlands,” which explores the experiences of Latter-day Saints struggling in the borderlands of LDS activity and acceptance.

These articles are available for free download. Please click on “Borderlands Articles” at top of page. New: Columns 47 and 48 were uploaded on September 1, 2013.

We invite you to share your responses to these articles and your own experiences in the LDS Borderlands. Please send an email to Jeff at:

We benefit from reading about the successes (and failures) of others when given in the spirit of helpfulness and respect.


The last Borderlands Session at the 2013 Sunstone Symposium in Salt Lake City (Univ. of Utah,  July 31-Aug 3) could be of interest to readers of this website.

Session 372: (Saturday, August3, 5:00-6:30  p.m) “Coming out.” A panel of five chaired by D. Jeff Burton. A podcast is available.

Contact Sunstone for information on obtaining the podcast: Mary Ellen Robertson at 801-355-5926 or email:  Mary Ellen Robertson <>