The book and this website are for Latter-day Saints who wonder about and question their religion, and for their friends and relatives who would like to understand what they are experiencing and to offer help.

Studies suggest that 5-10% of active members actually disbelieve important facets of the religion and another 20-30% have troubling questions and doubts. Worldwide about 80% of baptized Mormons give up their activity or membership during their lifetimes, many because they cannot reconcile themselves to their questions and doubts. Our objective is to help “those who wonder” to remain “Mormon” and feel comfortable about continued activity in the church.

Typical For Those Who Wonder reader comments over the past 25 years:

“Reading FTWW was a spiritual boost and filled me with renewed hope.”

“As I read the book I felt a senses of peace I haven’t felt since before my mission, an assurance that I was okay after all.”

Lowell L. Bennion, in his forward to the book, says:

“D. Jeff Burton has rich and extensive experience counseling people who are troubled because their thinking has led them to question and even doubt some things they have learned in a religious setting.”

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